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Mega Holo Chrome

Mega Holo Chrome

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There’s chrome and then there’s CHROME.

Our high-quality pearl chrome is the *perfect* product for creating those oh-so-viral chrome nail art looks. The multi-chromatic shade-shifting tones take on a completely different vibe based on the base color. You’re going to have SO much fun experimenting and finding your favorite combos! 


  • Appy powder directly onto no-wipe top gel or chrome application gel cured to manufacturer instruction.  
  • Remove excess powder from the surface of the nail. 
  • Seal with top gel and cure according to manufacturer instruction. 

Check out our blog for our go-to method for chrome.

Warning: This product is for external use only. This product is intended for nail art only.  Do not use on or around eyes or mouth.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Store in a cool dry place away from moisture. Keep away from children.


Approximately .5 grams

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