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Vacation Nail Collective

Y2K Smiley Nail Stickers

Y2K Smiley Nail Stickers

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Love, peace and BIG smiles. Our Y2K Smiley nail stickers can be encapsulated in gel for a long lasting design or placed under a traditional nail polish top coat if you like to change it up on a whim. 


Application tips for applying nail stickers. 

- Use fine point tweezers to remove the sticker from the sheet.

- Cut to fit if necessary.

- If you're using traditional nail polish, let it dry completely before applying stickers and then seal it in with a top coat. 

- If you're using gel, be sure your surface is clean, even, free of debris and stickiness. Apply your sticker and be sure to smooth down the edges and then seal it in with a thin layer of clear builder gel and top with your favorite top gel. 

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