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Silver Rodeo Charm

Silver Rodeo Charm

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Our charms are curated to give you the very *best* and most unique hardware for creative charm designs. 

10 pieces

Do not use on or around eyes. 

Applying charms with gel: 

  • Plan your placement and design before you start. 
  • After you've completed your nail art apply Non-Wipe Accessory Bond to the area you’d like to place the charm, flash cure until all desired pieces are placed and then fully cure to secure. 
  • Using a liner brush fill in any gaps between the charm(s) and the surface of the nail, this can be done with top gel, hard gel, or clear gel. 
  • Apply top gel to the nail, being sure to keep it thin on top of the charm so it doesn't get too thick but at full coverage on the rest of the nail and fully cure. Do not apply gel on top of faceted gems or rhinestones (it will make the facets disappear).

Applying charms with traditional polish: 

  • Using charms with regular polish will always have a 3D texture.
  • Apply your nail color and topcoat and allow to dry completely. 
  • Add a dot of nail glue where you'd like to place the charm and quickly add the desired piece, holding in place until the glue sets. Repeat until desired effect is achieved. 
  • Add a thin layer of topcoat (avoiding any faceted gems or rhinestones) on the entire nail and let it dry completely.
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