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Purple Mystic Glitter

Purple Mystic Glitter

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Our Purple Mystic Glitter is a be-witching blend of hexagonal and round glitters in a gorgeous mx of purple, gold and black. 

Approximately 4 grams

Do not use on or around eyes, discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

To get you on the road to glitter success: here are some specific tips for applying our glitter. 

Application tips for glitter with gel:

  • Apply clear gel to anchor the glitter to the nail, do not cure.
  • Gently place the shaped glitter where you’d like it and use a handheld lamp to flash cure it into place.
  • Fully cure once all glitter is placed.
  • Encapsulate with a layer of builder gel and finish file if necessary. Use your finger to feel for any protruding edges or sharp bits.
  • Remove all dust and debris and add top gel, cure.
  • You can also create a custom color by mixing your glitter into a clear or semi sheer builder gel you may still want to lightly file the surface of the cured gel to smooth any rough texture before applying top gel.

Application tips for glitter with traditional polish:

  • Apply a layer of clear gel
  • Sprinkle glitter or place gently by hand into wet polish.
  • Apply a thick top coat to seal in the glitter, let it dry completely.

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