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Mermaid Slice

Mermaid Slice

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Not quite a charm, not quite glitter. Metal slices are flat, flexible and easy curve to the shape of the nail for smooth encapsulation. 

Application tips for Metal Slices with gel:

  • Apply a precise dot of clear gel so the glitter has an anchor to adhere to.
  • Test the placement gently shape to add a curve if needed to lay flat.
  • Gently place the slice and use a handheld lamp to flash cure it into place.
  • If the slice is unable to lay flat, gently press it into place with a clear piece of plastic, holding it in place and flash cure through the clear plastic to ensure it’s as flat as possible to the nail. Here's a video example.
  • Fully cure once all pieces are placed.
  • Use your finger to feel for any protruding corners or sharp bits, finish filing if necessary.
  • Remove all dust and debris and add top gel, cure.

Application tips for shaped Metal Slices with traditional polish:

  • After applying your base coat and color, let it dry completely.
  • Before you apply your slice test your placement and gently shape to add a curve if needed to lay flat.
  • Apply a dot of clear polish or nail glue (you’ll have to work really fast with nail glue)
  • Place your slice and let the polish or glue dry completely.
  • Apply a thick top coat to seal in the slice, if it’s not laying completely flat you’ll have scratchy bits.
  • Add a second layer of top coat if necessary- with traditional polish it will never be fully smoot, but this will give it an extra layer of security.


100 pcs

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