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Copper Leaf Flake

Copper Leaf Flake

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Let the organic texture and vivid shine of our copper leaf flake take your nail art to the next level. Our foil leaf is the perfect coimpliment to encapsulated floral and stone marble looks.

Application tips for flakes using gel: 

  • Leave sticky layer intact (if it’s not sticky enough try adding a thin layer of foil gel, tacky primer, or base gel) and gently flakes into it, be careful to not touch uncured product with your bare hands.
  • Seal in with art gel or encapsulate with builder or thick top gel.

Application tips for flakes using traditional polish: 

  • Apply a layer of foil glue and let dry to tacky finish.
  • Gently press flake onto nail
  • Once dried completely, seal with thick topcoat.
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