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Bonding Duo in a Bottle (Kokoist)

Bonding Duo in a Bottle (Kokoist)

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Bonding Duo in a Bottle by Kokoist is a double-duty base and builder in one allowing you to create sleek and structured gel manicures in a snap.

Important notes about Bonding Duo:

  • Although it is able to be soaked off (it’s a soft gel) it’s rigidity/hardness is similar to that of a hard gel. If using on a flexible/bendy nail plate, add an anchor/cushion layer of Mega Stick Base prior to application of Bonding Duo. 
  • Bonding Duo is best applied as a structured base and can crack if applied too thin. 
  • As with any builder be mindful of heat spikes. We recommend flash curing into place and switching to a slow-cure mode. 

This product is intended for professional use, discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Manufacturer’s curing guidelines: 30-60 seconds LED lamp or 60-120 seconds for UV lamp. 

Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

15 ml

Made in Japan

Packaged in USA

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