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No Wipe Top Gel (Presto)

No Wipe Top Gel (Presto)

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No Wipe Top Gel by Presto is our favorite go-to hard top gel. It’s high gloss shine and fabulois durability means that your clients can go about their daily activities with confidence (but also, jewels not tools- okay?!).

It’s non-porous nature (it’s a hard gel) makes it a must-have for clients who work in fields that frequently come into contact with water (medical, hospitality, etc…) 

Bonus feature: Each bottle is topped with an identifying sticker so it’s super easy to find in your drawer ❤️

Important notes about this product:

  • This is a hard gel product, it will not soak-off with acetone and must be filed off if you desire to do a soak-off removal of the underlying gel.  
  • This product is best used over a more rigid structured base/gel overlay, if the base gel is too soft/flexible you may experience cracking or chipping.
  • A thicker application of this product may cause clients to experience a heat spike. 

This product is intended for professional use, discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Manufacturer’s curing guidelines: 20 seconds for LED lamp and 120 seconds for UV lamp (36 Watts)

Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

13 grams

Made in Japan

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